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Meet the Cast


The youngest of the band, Iceberg spent most of his early life in one of Heron's refugee camps, living with his parents. His mother met his father whilst running from the Sea/Sky war, but missed the warmer currents of the east coast, so the two moved to the border of the sea kingdom where they could stay close.

Despite the struggles they faced, Iceberg's family life was a happy one - though they were isolated from the other members of their camp due to his mother's status. As a result, Iceberg was raised happy, but sheltered.

This happiness was not to last, however...


Tribe: Sea/Icewing

Age: 6

Gender: Male


An older Rainwing, Hibiscus often comes across as pessimistic, but there's more to him than it seems.

The only son of a herbalist family, Hibiscus ('Hibi') grew up immersed in his trade. It was a simple, easy experience, albeit a slightly lonely one. His was a life separated from the dramas of the capital - one that he was happy with.

The monotony of this life was interrupted, however, when another young Rainwing by the name of Lotus started hanging around his village. Hibi being somewhat of a pariah in his own right, the two hit it off and quickly became fast friends - then something more...

When the two meet Iceberg, they're on one of their market-runs they frequently do across the kingdom, stopping to wait out the storm.


Tribe: Rainwing

Age: 30

Gender: Male


His youthful demeanor belying his age, Lotus is an archetypical cheerful Rainwing - upbeat almost to a fault.

Lotus grew up among the nobility of the court. Despite this, he wasn't sheltered. He spent much of his adolescence travelling throughout the kingdoms, before settling in Hibi's village.

For years, the two travelled across the kingdoms, brewing potions and remedies to peddle to the various tribes. They ran a successful business, gaining a repute among many small towns.


Tribe: Rainwing

Age: 27

Gender: Male


Though she loves learning, Zircon often hides her enthusiasm behind stark cynicism.

Much of Zircon's past is unknown, and she's unwilling to give it. It is known, however, that she spent at least some of her time working amongst the Queen's court of the Skywing kingdom.

Quite a cautious type by nature, Zircon more than makes up for her lack of practical skills in her wealth of knowledge.


Tribe: Skywing

Age: 9

Gender: Female