A land shaped as much through the minds of its people as through time...

A (not so) Brief History

filler text - about the god planet, how it works, etc.

Gods and Deities

this contentbox should be white and also updating >:/

The First Deities


A New Kind

filler - the part where humans come in

Draconic Downfall

filler - brief ash and Aspect influence

A Changed Continent

filler - the change

A New Saga

The Weiyran Colony

filler - Jana, Mulberry's findings, birth of abominations, fire

The Vyllen War


The Twin Godlings

filler - R + H's discovery and subsequent dismantling of the statue and the spells surrounding it, releasing the great Wyrms Ashyweyr and the Nature Child(name tba), and their disappearance following the desolation of Hanara.


A Fateful Discovery

filler -

Final Stand

filler - final end to the war and to the age of extant gods

Learn the Stories

Delve deeper into the world of Aiaia through these tales told by the individuals that lived them

Comics/writing will be here eventually, watch this space!

The Races of Aiaia

Humans and Humanoids


Might have to split this up into individual dragon species

The Weiyra

An explanation and link to more detailed information, in either hubspace species or their planet (probably the former.)